BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Haul and Review

For the last two weeks, I have been siiiiick. Some kind of flu. I was tested for West Nile and Lime Disease last Friday, still waiting for the results. This is the first day I haven’t felt exhausted and cranky. So, I took the bull by the horns and went shopping with The Boyfriend. He needed a few new suit jackets and shirts. The JCPenny’s Fall Sale is AMAZING! Plus there was a $20 of $50 coupon floating around on several apps.. Shopkick and JCP…

I also figured, Why Not A Blog!  (I’m so woefully behind. :hangs head in shame:)

Had a request on Instagram (if you don’t follow me there you should! @eyelinerandbourbon) to do some swatches of the BH Cosmetics eyeshadow haul I purchased during their Labor Day Sale. These shadows were 98 cents a piece!!

(Sidenote: As I type this blog it’s 90 degrees inside my house. I’m siting in my swimsuit. I will be canonballing into the pool as soon as I am done!)

BH shadow come in 6 different categories (finishes): Warm Matte, Warm Shimmer, Cool Matte, Cool Shimmer, Metallic Matte and Metallic Shimmer. Hence their numbering system.

All start with BH then the category code and then the number of the shadow.

Example: BHCM20 BHCoolMatte20

Let’s swatch these shadows!!

Here is the instagram photo:


(The lighting is weird in this photo. Blame the Instagram filter!?)

I’ll be swatching these from top row then the bottom row.

IMG_4277 (Indirect inside lighting)  IMG_4279

(Indirect outside lighting)  


BHCM20 – Black Matte. Reminds me of a really dark soot.

BHCS20- Dark Grey Cool Shimmer. Dark pewtery goodness. LOVE THIS ONE!

BHMM20- Dark Green Metallic Matte. Medium forest green with a little sheen.

BHCM10- Medium Cool Matte Green . Totally the medium color in camouflage. Matte, but not chalky!

BHMS15- Medium-sh Blue Shimmer. I think of mermaids. Almost has a yellow douchrome sheen. It’s really pretty and happy. One of my favorites.

BHCS12- Light Cool Blue Shimmer. It has a dash of lilac hiding in it. 2 sizes of shimmer, fine and just a wee bigger flecks that catch the light.

BHWM02- Matte ORANGE. Yes, mandarin ORANGE. I might use this one as a blush.


 (Indirect inside lighting) 


(Indirect outside lighting)  


BHMS06- Warm Metallic Brown. Very pretty sheen. I want to say a dark bronzy copper.

BHMM06- Coolish Medium-sh Matte Brown. One of those shadows that you should alway have in your collection. The Metallic Matte shades have a wonderful finish!

BHMM08- Warm Dark Tawny Brown. Hint of orange mixed into this one.

MHCS04- Medium/Light Cool Gold Brown. Doesn’t seem like such a winner in the pot, but boy howdy! So pretty!

BHWS17- Light Brown- Not much shimmer. Barley shows up on me… Could be a great transition color?

BHCS09- Copper. The finish on this one blows me away. It’s a pinky copper and it’s gorgeous. If it had a name it would be Brand Spankin’ New Penny!

BHWS13- Medium Pinky Brown. It doesn’t really pop on me, but I can see myself using this as an everyday kinda color.

These shadows are creamy and soft.. Dare I say that I like them more than a lot of the shadows I have!

I used to have the BH Day to Night Palette. I love their Party Girl Gel Liner in Star (I put it in my waterline).  I’ve had a lot of their products…. and again, they are great folks! You know I love that combination of great products and great people!!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend. Stay cool or Stay warm, depending on where you are!


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