Fall Neutrals

Let me start out with this….

It’s fecking hot in Southern California right now. Not just, “Oh it’s warm out.” So warm that the 93 degrees in my living room is still cooler than the oppressive 100 degrees outside. I thought Saturday was Hot, today is worse.

So, what am I doing? Besides being drenched, sitting in my den? Trying to take my mind off of living on the surface of the sun by blogging about makeup!

Here we go!!!


I had to pick this up at Sephora, yesterday.  Josie Maran’s Playa del Pink Coconut Water Eyeshadow.  Want to know why?  Kathleen Lights told me to. I think she might be my little sister from another Mister. She’s absolutely wonderful. Her videos make me smile, every time! This shadow feels amazing and has a glow that goes on for DAYS! Use it for a shadow, inner eye/brow highlight, mix a little with foundation/moisturizer to add a highlight glow….. heck, you can put some on your nails and add a top coat! It sheers out beautiful and it’s buildable. The doe foot applicator is super soft. There are 6 different shades to choose from.


If you live on Youtube or Twitter and know who Jaclyn Hill  is… you know she came out with a new lipstick. If not, you are in for a treat. The lipstick’s name is 1995. 1995 happened to be an exceptionally epic year for me. I graduated from a college in a state park in Northern New York State and moved to Southern California (Where it is miserably hot right now, have I mentioned this? Srsly, I think I am really melting.). It was such a culture shock. I knew no one, besides my mom and wasn’t much of a girlie girl.. I was a hippy chick. It all changed. I started wearing office attire and wearing a little makeup… and very brown nude lipsticks. Awwww Yeah.. and that is what this is. This one is perfect. Jaclyn Hill is a genius, there I said it. I don’t think I’ve seen it look bad on ANYONE!


Here’s another one of Kathleen Lights recommendations. Too Faced’s La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Cinnamon Kiss. I picked this up during the Mega Awesome Labor Day Sale. It’s a perfect dark browny pink everyday color for me. I love it! It’s shiny and creamy with little to no scent!


While shopping the sale I picked up this, as well. Too Faced’s Glamour Gloss in Flirt. Another perfect everyday, throw in your purse color! They call it a pink mocha shade. I’ve been wearing this over 1995, when I want it glossy. Match made in heaven. It does say it has plumping capabilities.

Here are the swatches.

IMG_4402From bottom to top.. Playa del Pink Eyeshadow, 1995 Lipstick, Cinnamon Kiss Lipstick and Flirt Lipgloss.

Okay, there you go, some Fall neutrals. I’m going to mix myself a cocktail.. and by cocktail,  I mean crawl into my freezer and take a nap.

Stay awesome!



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