City Color Cosmetics Haul


Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. Mine was spent mostly with The Boyfriend, which is always wonderful. I got to see some friends perform. And yesterday, we hung out with The Dad of the Boyfriend and family.

Today, I have a City Color Cosmetics Haul to review.

Let’s hurry up and go.go..go!!

City Chic Lipsticks… I like these. They feel good on the lips and have a medium opaqueness. The shine is a good, too. None of these (that I picked out) have and shimmer and they are very creamy.




Here’s what they say on their site:

City Chic Lipstick is our new signature creamy lipstick line that is fitting for all occasions. Its advanced formula gives your lips a hydrating and long-lasting wear throughout the day. Comes in 30 flawless, richly pigmented shades. From luxurious nudes to vibrant berry hues, these velvety lipsticks are ideal for any classic City Chic look.


Yesterday, I wore N6 and P2 together for a darkish 90’s lip. I’m totally loving the fact that this look is coming back in (Thank you, Kylie Jenner’s MUA!). I loved it then… and I know “they” say if you wore the trend the first time you shouldn’t the second time around… to that I say… TBBBHHHHHHHHT! (Very mature, right?) P2 is Your Lips, But Better. It’s a really good everyday shade.

Now, the second half of the haul… (the items that aren’t lipstick)!


This feels nice.. and it has a lit from within look, when sheered out . Dries matte. I can’t wait to mix this in with my foundation or layer it on the high points of my face. The only draw back is that it does have a faint smell that reminds me of grandma. The Boyfriends says it was an old talc smell. I’m sure it won’t deter me, too much, it’s so pretty.

      IMG_4165              IMG_4166

BLUSHES! Lately, blushes have made be so happy. I’ve been reaching for the Be Matte Blush in Blood Orange a lot, lately. It looks a little bold, but when worn with a light touch… it’s a very healthy flush of a blush. The other one is Natural Glow in  Glamorous Desire.  Both blushes are very smooth and have good pigmentation. Seriously, each of these are under $4.

Of course I picked up a ‘Totally Not Me’ item to try……


It is bold and pearly and smooth and wears well! I’ve only swatched it… haven’t gotten up the nerve to rock it, yet. (…and I can’t find it on their site.)


Here are the swatches…. from top to bottom….. Be Matte in Blood Orange, Natural Glow is Glamorous Desire, Illuminating Cream and the Bold liner in Blue.

You should totally check out City Color Cosmetics… They have a lot of wonderful products, that will not break the budget… Now, what’s not AWESOME about that! I know that I will be checking out more of their stuff!



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