Tale of The Migraine Fairies.

Hello Y’all!

If you have ever had a migraine, you’ll be able to relate to this post.

Prodrome. Or….. What the Heck Is Happening? I don’t know about you, but this is where the crankiness and weirdness starts.  My inner monologue goes a little like this: “Oh, maybe I’ll watch this show. No, I don’t want to. Let’s watch the this. Fine, I’ll just watch my first choice. Why did I get so tired all of a sudden? Where is this stuffy nose coming from? Am I getting sick? Is it allergies? Daaang, I’ve gotta pee. Who’s squeezing and twisting my neck? Did I sleep wrong? Didn’t I just pee? Where did I put the tissues? I really don’t like this funk I’m in. Ohhhhhhh, crap, I know what’s about to happen… I don’t like where this is going…. I wan’t off this ride!!! I don’t want a visit from the Migraine Fairies!”

Migraine. Or… &*&%$* THIS!  Inner Monologue: “Hey, maybe it’ll just be a little headache. A glass of water and I’ll be good. Am I smelling the neighbor’s flowers? Did the sun get epically brighter today? Am I really smelling through the refrigerator doors? I’ve closed every shutter in this room and that one itty bitty shaft of light NEEDS TO DIE! Does the cat always breathe so loud and so much? IN AND OUT, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, IT DOESN’T STOP! Is this ice pick that was shoved through my temple into my eyeball ever gonna come out? THUMP THUMP THUMP! Eyeballs can’t thump outta yer skull, right? Dang, the side of my face feels weird. Crap, water isn’t gonna help, we are not having a simple headache. We have passed GO on this one, hang on to your hats and glasses, kids. Oh, sweet dear coffee and energy drink and a handful of ibuprofen get in my stomach, now. Don’t say stomach, I think I’m gonna hurl. Maybe, if I grind up this handful ibuprofen and snort it?  Dumb idea. Okay, I’ll just mix it in the energy drink. Seriously, who turned up the damn Sun? OMG, the cat box! It’s just the migraine and your over sensitive nose… It was changed last night. Okay, if I just crawl under the covers to the foot of the bed, I can hide from the other Migraine Fairies trying to get me.. I might just live.

This is where the Migraine Fairies assess your behavior.

They will gift you with one of two outcomes.

It’s a choose their own adventure. 

The Postdrome.. Or, Where Are We Going With This One?

Option A: I’m just gonna stay right here under the covers for the next few days and not come out. K? Thanks. Ciao.

Option B: Get up and do everything. Did someone slip me a Mickey? I haven’t felt like this is years! Do ALL the things. Clean ALL things.

Usually, it’s Option A. Occasionally, the Migraine Fairies take pity on you and grant you Option B, but usually not.. cuz Migraine Fairies are vindictive little, snotty Bishes!!

Stay Awesome!




Update and iGrows



It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down at my computer and gathered my goohording thoughts. The Holidays seemed to have flown by and I haven’t posted. I’m a baaad little beauty blogger. Don’t hate me, okay?

Good things? I’ve seen some of The Boyfriend’s family. I’ve seen my parents. I’ve hung out with some of my dearests, Worked on re-orging the The Boyfriend’s closets of shirts and suits. Speaking of The Boyfriend……

I’m so freaking dang proud of the company he works for. They are kicking boo-tay and taking names. They manufacture/sell an FDA Approved hair regrowth device called The iGrow. Recently, they were on The Doctors. On Monday, The Boyfriend, himself will be on KTLA Morning News, here in Southern California.

Here’s the clip from The Doctors: CLICK ME!

They are coming out with a new device for skin: CLICK ME!

I’m a proud Girlfriend.

I’ve got some reviews and favorites blogs in the works, I promise!

Stay Awesome!