NEW PRODUCT: Farmacy’s Honey Savior Salve


Life is a wonderful happening of events and meeting wonderful people.

Let me explain…. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.


I’ve met some awesome people. This one time, I can tell you who I met.

Mark Veeder of Farmacy.

My husfriend’s company had the TSV (Today’s Special Value) and I had spent almost 24 hours at QVC. I saw that Mark was going to be on that night. I wanted to tell him how much I love the Brightening Coconut Gel Mask that we got in June’s Boxycharm.

So, I did!

There I was telling Mark how much I loved the mask, that after the long flight from Orange County to Philadelphia it saved my face. That is just a brilliant sheet mask and Thank You!


(Here I am sitting in a Philadelphia hotel the night we got into town. I took the photo to show a friend, so excuse the crazy face!!)

He placed a box in my hand. Exclaiming how I should try it and how it’s their newest product and it’s almost available to the public.

I immediately tried it…thanks to my Hives of Unexplained Nature (most likely from it being Husfriend’s last few shows and goals and all the excitement of the day and the extreme lack of sleep…) but I digress… and I smoothed in on my face and arm and instant relief.


I’m gong to make you wait…. a little longer.

Let me tell you a little about Farmacy. It’s Farming, meets Science, meets What your wise Grandmother taught you… All rolled into one amazing Skin Care Company.

Okay, now let me tell you about this new tube of awesome.

It’s the Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve!

I’m gonna drop some Science…. (from the box.)

“Powered by Echinacea GreenEnvy Honey. GreenEnvy honey is full of potent natural antioxidant and is made only by bees that live on our farm and pollinate the Echinacea GreenEnvy flowers.

A unique patent-protected variant of Echinacea Purpurea, GreenEvy contains the highest known concentration of the phytochemical Cichoric Acid, another natural antioxidant, which heightens the hydrating and purifying benefits of honey.”

That’s some serious stuff right there.

And Mark and the Farmacy Team are serious about natural skin care.

This salve really *does* soothe angry skin, be it from bug bites, hives or extra dry skin. There are oodles of great stuff packed into this salve. We know about the honey. In addition it contains royal jelly, propolis and natural oils.

I’ve been using it for the last few weeks. All over. Hands, cuticles, arms, legs… and FEET! It’s dry here in New Mexico and my poor hooves haven’t been very pretty this summer until I used this. It’s not one of those lotions/creams that you apply and then minutes later you have to re-apply. It also make a big visual change in dry skin. My heels no longer look cracked and dry.. and they don’t feel cracked and dry!

It absorbs into the skin. Doesn’t leave skin greasy. Just healthy looking and feeling.

It smells like warm honey, but it slowly dissipates. My mom said, “I want to eat it.”

On the nerd side of things.. I’m pretty sure the concoction that Cassandra from Dr. Who was sprayed with? Was made from this salve. Moisturize Me, Moisture Me!

You know that I’m also a packaging junkie. There was some time and thought put into the box and sleeve decide. The box has a honeycomb print all over the outside. Inside tells you about the company and it’s mission to meld nature and science for better skin. The actual tube is metal, you the kind that actual will stay rolled when you use up the product. the cap is uber awesome, it’s wood! Also, it’s made in the USA.

Having strange sensitive skin that has reacted beautifully to the two products that I have tried from Farmacy makes me want to try even more from this company.

When this product launches on July 16th, I will add the link.

If you want to read more about Farmacy and their other products: CLICK HERE!

Until then, put this on your, I HAVE TO TRY THIS STUFF list. I’m a fan of the Honey Savior.. It’s so aptly named!

Thank you to Mark for handing me the Honey Savior!

Stay Awesome,


Doll 10 BlendSmart Rotating Brush Review

Hello My Fellow Goo Horders-

It’s a rainy day here in Eastern Pennsylvania.

It’s day for The Boyfriend to work on work stuffs. I figured I’d be a little productive as well. (Modern Romance, eh?) Yay Blogging! And as we all know, a blogger is gonna blog.

Since, my adventures into the QVC World, I have walked by and talked to some highly known owner/representatives of our favorite beauty brands. I try not to fangirl, keep my composure and speak in intelligible sentences.

One of these people is Doris Dalton. The Founder of Doll 10. She is a dynamo. Incredibly energetic and driven. And funny. It took me a couple times of seeing her at QVC to speak to her. When I finally did. She and I had a very rapid fire conversation and she handed me a box.

With the freaking BlendSmart Rotating Brush in it!

They had just sold out on The Q that night.

FullSizeRender 44

*insert vignette of ecstatic goo lover here*

It’s brush with a lithium-ion battery?

It spins?

It blends for you?

Yes and Yes and Yes.

When you take it out of the box, it easily clicks together. And you are ready to blend, blend blend.

It’s well made. Light, but study in the hand. Comfortable, too. These things are important to me. I have, Spaz Hands, as The Boyfriend likes to call them.

FullSizeRender 43(Don’t judge, I actually use this. This is real life, baby!)

I’ve tried it out with creams, liquids and powders. It’s just works. It gently buffs bases into the skin beautifully. It even tackles cream blushes like a dream. I’m sure you are looking at this and asking, Really? Yes, really.  It’s full of magic. Doll 10 Magic, apparently.

It might sound weird, but I feel I’ve used less product with this brush.

I’ve cleaned it a couple times and I’ve had no shedding whatsoever. I’ve traveled with it for the last three months and it has stood up. The battery is still running strong as well.

FullSizeRender 45

This is a fun, innovative beauty tool. Can’t wait to see what else is up the Doll 10 sleeves.

If you are a fan of 80’s music, a certain song might just pop into your head…. causing a dance party while doing your make up with this spinning brush of awesomeness:

“You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round”

This brush has me totally spun. 🙂

Stay Awesome,


*I was gifted this item. Opinion and thoughts are my own. As The Boyfriend says, “Baby, you are a terrible liar.”*

Albertini Skin Care Review

Hello My Fellow Goo Horders!

I’ve recently gotten into skincare.

I’ll admit it. I slept in my makeup for almost 20 years.

Probably not the best thing to do, right? So, at the behest of a good friend, I started paying more attention to my skin. I figure that I want my skin to be good to me for at least the next 40 years, I better begin caring for it a little more, now. It’s been a year of hits and misses.

I was intrigued when I was contacted to review a couple products from Albertini’s skin care line!


Ready to find out about some fantastic items?

Let’s do this….


Rough Love. This is a body exfoliator. Wonderful scented with Rosemary and Eucalyptus oils. I love the fact that this scrub doesn’t smell sweet, it smells natural and earthy. Perfect amount of grit coming from the salt and dark mud combination. It’s the perfect exfoliator before a self tanner for me! It will feel like you have new skin. I’m an exfoliator lover (From way back, yo!) and this one is one of my new favorites! You’ll be so soft, like a baby’s bottom.


Warm Love. A Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask. OMG! Another product that I never knew I needed in ma life. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. This is warm pumpkin pie and whipped cream in a face mask. When you apply it starts to warm and you feel the creaminess and smell the spices, it’s just so homey and comfy and and and…. I like to use this one before bed a couple times a week, smooth it on and rub it around after I’ve washed my face and keep it on while I brush my teeth. I’ll wash it off amount 10 minutes later, after finishing the rest of my nightly routine. It feels luxurious and I feel fancy using it. In the picture below you can see the exfoliating bits.

IMG_1034 My face feels soft and my skin looks brighter, happier. It’s all the goodness of Thanksgiving dessert in a face mask and none of the calories! It’s heaven in a tube.

Last but not least….


Pure Love. This is an oil cleanser that blends olive oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. This stuff is magic! Dissolves makeup including waterproof mascara. Emulsifies with water to rinse cleanly. There’s no film or greasiness at ALL! Gentle enough to use morning and night. Tough enough to really clean. There’s a gentle fresh warm scent to it. It’s really nice not having tight skin. I grew up being told that tight skin meant clean skin. This is so not the case! My skin feels amazing after I use this. I want a body cleanser like this. Seriously, I want to bathe myself in Pure Love!

I’ve noticed using these products that my skin is happier and more glowy. Who doesn’t want that? I’m always nervous trying new things because of my weird sensitive skin. I’ve not had one problem with any of these products. This makes me a happy woman! These will stay in my current rotation of skin care. Not only to I like using them, I’ve seen results.

Until next time, Stay Awesome!


*Items were provided for review. My opinion is mine, mine, mine and mine alone. *

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The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Review and Love Note.

Hello My Fellow Goo Horders!

If you have watched any Beauty Ninja videos on YouTube, you’ve most likely seen Jaclyn Hill. She currently has 1,977,242 subscribers!

When she announced that her sold out palette from Morphe Brushes was coming back one more time… I set myself a reminder on my phone and waited… and waited. The day came, I ordered. VICTORY! Then I waited and waited… and then it arrived in my mailbox like Christmas! VICTORY!


Theres’s a reason why I get very excited for YouTuber collabs. It’s not much, but I get to give back to them. They have no idea what they have given me.

Story Time.

Several years ago, I was very sick and in an incredible amount of pain. I ended up in the ER seven times and hospitalized overnight once. Each time, It seemed I went home with a slightly different diagnosis. I had enough prescriptions to kill a goat. And was in a medically induced haze. After about a year and a half of the worst of it, my mom, a friend and The Boyfriend decided that it was time to have a little detox. It was probably the worst few weeks, ever. When, I came out of the fog and started to feel better, I looked my worse. This is when I turned to YouTube makeup videos. I loved watching the process to before to after. I started to strategically put on makeup to help me feeling even better. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT! Until one day, it all just balanced out.

One of those YouTubers that I’ve watched since coming out of the fog has been Jaclyn. She helped me transition (along with my family and friends, of course!) back into feel better about the outside. Which in turn helped with everything else.

I know she will probably never see this, but… Thank You, Jaclyn! Your tutorials videos go far beyond teaching folks to blend eyeshadows.

Now that I’ve given you some back story. Let’s dive into these shadows.

Seriously? These shadows frackin’ ROCK! Morphe Brushes is no joke. Whatever they do they do with gusto. Yes, GUSTO!

Their texture is like silk. Smooth. Buttery. Pigmented. Creamy. Luxurious. Everything you want in a shadow. Individually these shadows are $2. You read that right, $2!! (I want my $2!) This palette was about $28 for 28 shadows. Yes, I said was. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore. Don’t fret, though! You can still get every single one of these shadows and a palette from Morphe. Just use the guide of the photo below.


I very excited that she included a variety of neutral browns, oranges, purples, cranberries and even a green.

Let’s do some swatches! I’m going from top row to the bottom, left to right.

First Row:

FullSizeRender-1Second Row:


Third Row:


Fourth Row:


Srsly! It’s such a lovely palette. There’s so much you can do with this. Everything from simple everyday looks to Gurl, Let’s Hit the Town! Great for extended trips, just bring along the Naked Basic or The W7 In the Mood Palette (Hunh, funny I should mention the W7 palette, I might just have a blog about it coming soon!) You’ll need a matte cream and black to subsidize with.

There go you. A palette of great shadows from a great YouTuber/MUA and a story.

Thanks for listening!

Stay Awesome!



BoxyCharm – April 2015

Hello Fellow Goo Horders!

Look at that…. It’s already May! Wow. Can you believe it? We’re getting Sneak Peeks for this month’s box.. I’m so late!

Here’s April’s BoxyCharm Review.


The theme is April Bloom. And I still love the pink crinkle paper.. and Simon the Wonder Cat is still trying to eat it.


Coolway Hair Smoothing Lotion – This stuff is awesome! It totally smooths the hair and tames the frizzes. It’s definitely a lotion, but it’s lightweight. The smell is clean with a touch of mint. This stuff adds a lot of shine. Blowdrying is so much easier. It also makes using a flat urn easier, too. I love this stuff!! It makes my hair look better. Retails for $24.95


Ofra Derma Mineral Powder in Pink Sapphire-  This stuff is SHIMMER! Nuthin’ but SHIMMA! Very soft blendable. They say you can you is on you skin and hair. Also, contains a a natural sunscreen. I’m thinking of using it as a highlighter and a blush topper. Full Size $35.00


Vincent Longo Duo Eye Pencil in Fawn and Brown –  Yay eyeliner! This brown is super! It’s rich and dark. I love it because it’s not red based. It’s a perfect dark cool brown. The fawn is a very pretty shimmery taupe. I like to west it smudged all over the lid. These liners don’t tug or pull. This might be my favorite thing in the box… (This and the last item I mention) Full Size $26.00


Harvey Prince Perfume in Signature – I like that we occasionally get perfume samples. Unfortunately, most perfume just doesn’t work on me. Things turn strange on my skin.

Here’s the notes:  Fresh Citrus, Japanese Mikan, Pink Grapefruit, Hawaiian Jasmine, Sacred Lotus, Rajnigandha (Tuberose), Japanese Honeysuckle, Exotic Amber, Madagascar Vanilla, & Sexy Patchouli. 

It’s clean and bright, maybe a little spicy skin in there..I wish this worked on me. There’s a few notes that I like, but there’s something that is not quite good on me. EDIT: As the top notes mellow out it’s MUCH nicer on me. Retail price $21.00


Coastal Scents in Reveal 2 – Dats Right! A whole palette. A whole freakin’ eyeshadow palette!!!  There are 20 shadows. A good mix of matte and shimmers. They are soft and pigmented. The bottom row is more maroon and rose based. The top row is more peach based. These are just lovely. The packaging is slim, great for travel. Think of how many looks you can do with this puppy! You usually can get this palette for $19.95

FullSizeRender-8   FullSizeRender-9

This is the bottom row in the palette. First photo is indirect light. Second photo is direct.

FullSizeRender-7   FullSizeRender-11

This is the top row in the palette. First photo is indirect light. Second photo is direct.


Here are swatches of the Pink Sapphire Powder and The Duo Eyeliner. The eyeliner is showing a little more warm than it really is.

The goal of this box is about $127. It was a fantastic box! Dooooooood! This subscription is completely worth the $21.

You know the next drill.. 🙂

Here’s the referral link, if you want to sign up: CLICK HERE!

They will probably ask you for this magic number: Y3FmMnBJbjdQOVNlc0oyeW5lbnlZVC9odURCWnc0K0U0NGNOVWY0MVBHRT0=

All points that I accrue go towards things to review for you guys.

What was you favorite this month from your BoxyCharm?

Stay Awesome!



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Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Review

Hello Fellow Goo Horders!

It’s a rare gloomy Spring day here in Southern California. I have some pork in the crockpot, dropped off suit jackets at the cleaners and tidied up The Misfit Bungalow. As I walked by my desk, these shiny, golden lipstick tubes called to me, “Tell your peeps about us… ”


Don’t they look happy? And fancy? Just begging to be used?

Introducing the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks that I own. I purchased 1995 first, then I got the other three.


Shades: Rodeo Drive, Cherry Cordial, 1995 and Berry Smoothie


Rodeo Drive: This is a dark pink nude. It has a creamy, satiny finish.


Cherry Cordial: This is a dark femme fatale cherry/merlot shade. Very buildable. Can be used to give a popsicle-like stain to the lips. The finish is almost matte.


1995 by Jaclyn Hill: I’ve mentions this one before. I love this lipstick. I entered adulthood in the ’90s. I wore this shade, a lot. It’s one of the best dark pinky brown nude shades. This tube is usually in my purse. It’s a go to lipstick for me.


Berry Smoothie: It’s the shade of a berry smoothie! Brighter and more opaque than Rodeo Drive.  It’s creamy. The finish is satiny. Very much a YLMB lipstick.

FullSizeRender          FullSizeRender-1

Here are some swatches.

From Top to Bottom Rodeo Drive, Cherry Cordial, 1995 and Berry Smoothie.

I might have a favorite color base for lipsticks! I like pinky nude, Your Lips, But Better shades.

These are some great lipsticks.There’s no real smell, either. Their customer service is amazing. I picked the wrong color when I made an order. I emailed them and they exchanged it, without any hassle quickly and with a sense of humor to boot!

If you go around the Internet you can find some great coupon codes.

Here’s The Website: CLICK HERE!

Stay Awesome!



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Ipsy Bag – April 2015

Hello Fellow Goo Horders!

Are you ready for another Ipsy Bag Review?

All righty then. Let’s get this Ipsy Party started!

This month’s theme is Beautifully Bohemian. The bag itself is totally different. It’s a woven, it feels like a burlap.. in a good way! Totally cute! This one is going in my purse.


Klorane Dry Shampoo – I like the fact that dry shampoos are getting more popular. It means that they keep getting better. This one is good! It smells clean and doesn’t make your have feel chalky or even dirtier. I’ve been using more dry shampoos because I’ve been going redder each time I color my hair. We all know how fast red fades! This trial size retails for $9.00!


Mica Beauty Cosmetics Eye Primer – This is some tacky stuff. It does it’s job. It provides an evened out base for shadows. I even used it for under the eye to keep my concealer from traveling. At the 7 hour mark everything was still in place!I just looked up the price and dang!!! It’s a whopping $44.95!! Tres cher, mon ami!

What they say:

Use MicaBeauty Eye Primer to seal in Eye Shadows and Foundation, enhancing your all-day look. Go from shimmer to matte in just seconds. This waterproof formula provides the perfect foundation for a long lasting, smudge proof look that is designed for your active lifestyle. MicaBeauty Eye Primer helps even out skin tone as well as extends and intensifies your mineral eye shadows, without creasing, smearing, or fading.


Julie G Nail Polish in Damsel – Dood! Look at that paaaaank! It’s as bright on the nails as it is in the bottle. This is a good polish. I’m going to go to Rite-Aid and use the $1 coupon that came with this. Retails for $3.99 plus a $1 coupon… So say a $4.99 value.

FullSizeRender-5The Balm Nude Dude in Flirty –  I have the first Nude ‘Tude palette. I picked it up at CosmoProf in Las Vegas a couple years ago. I love it! The quality is the bomb.(See what I did there?) I’m glad they came out with another Nude Palette. Y’all know that I’m a sucker for them. This shade is a mauve-y mid-tone brown. A single shadow should retail for about $3.


Hikari Blush in Tango – This is such a sweet peachy pink. It’s pigmented too. I bounced my brush on it twice and I had enough for both cheeks. It’s a very healthy color on the cheeks. It’s matte and soft. If you look at the featured photo, the one at the top of this blog… you’ll notice it leans more coral in that picture. This blush definitely walks the beautiful line between coral/peach and pink. Retails for $15.00


Here are the swatches.  Top to Bottom. Eyeshadow, Blush, Eye Primer

Dang good bag this month! My bag totals about $77. Srsly good!

If you want to subscribe to Ipsy for $10 a month.. CLICK HERE! 

Yes, it’s a point earning link. More stuff I can get, the more I can review for you! 🙂

Stay Awesome!



W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted Review

Hey All Y’all!

Who doesn’t love a nude palette!?

I have a couple, I can’t lie.

Urban Decay is one of the most popular in this arena. I have Naked 3. I’ll be honest, I don’t reach for it as much as I should. Perhaps with Spring around the corner, I’ll grab it more. Naked 1 though has been on my want list.

And…. that is where this blog starts.

A while ago, PixiWoo (The Chapman Sisters on YouTube.) They are the ones behind Real Techniques brushes.) noted that the W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted palette was very similar and a much more affordable than Naked 1. I found mine on eBay for about $7 with free shipping. It took about 2 weeks to get to California from England.. Did I mention that W7 is a British company? They are. I’ve spent nights searching eBay and Amazon for their stuff.


The palette actually weight is a little less. I don’t mind this one bit. For traveling it’s a definitely plus. The product amount is very similar. This size is very similar as well.


The colors are beautiful aren’t they? You get a total of 12 shadows. The 2 matte shadows are good transition shades. 8 shimmer and 2 that are more glittery. The non-matte shades have a nice sheen to them. Even the glittery ones. It’s not a chunky glitter. As a mubleover40mumble woman there are times that I don’t want to bust out the glitter. *Shock* *Horror*  🙂




These are swatched in the same order as in the open palette picture.

The names (from Top to Bottom):

Dawn, Up in Smoke, It’s a Dream, Magic, Deliah, Di Di, Twister, Lady Luck, Happy, Cracker, Wonderland and Teddy Bear.

You get a mix of warm and cool neutral shades.My favorite is Di Di It’s dark coolish brown with (I think) a touch of olive and some bronze sheen.

They do have decent pigment. For some reason the pigment got even better after I did the above pictures! (The lighting of the swatch pictures is sad. It’s been overcast in SoCal.) They are soft. I appreciate a shadow that is buildable and easy to work with. The darker shadows last longer than the lighter shandies on me. This would make a wonderful first palette. The colors are  elegant; school and work appropriate.  So Pretty!

Here’s the photo from the Urban Decay site for comparison.


I think they are very dang close.

I’m in love with my W7 Palette. I just wish there were more easily available in the states. I have purchased several item from W7. I got a pink boxed blush (think Benefit) and recently I picked up the Bronzing Base (think Chanel). I was wearing the bronzer in my most recent Instagram selfie. These three products have made my a HUGE fan of this company.

Would I love to have all of the UD Naked series? You bet you shiny metal a$$. I love UD!!! I would love to roll around in UD eyeshadows, naked. (See what I did there? Naked palettes, roll around in them NAKED! Too much caffeine, today, Clare?)

This W7 palette totally sates the need for spending almost $40-$50 extra dollars. I could almost get the rest of the W7 palettes in the series for 1 of UD? The struggle is real.

If you want to take a look at the other products W7 has: CLICK HERE!

Stay Awesome.



Colourpop and KathleenLights Eyeshadow Quad Review!

OMGoodness! I’ve been waiting for this!


OH YASSSSS! if you don’t watch KathleenLights on YouTube, you should. What are you waiting for? GO WATCH! I think this group of shadows is hella awesome.

Recently she and Colourpop joined their Powers of Awesomeness to bring us this quad of dreamy shadows. Four shadows that truly represent KathleenLights. There are two matte shadows. The pearlized and metallic shadows bring some shimmer to the party.


Glow- Total Matte. Great off white shadow with a whipser of peach. Like all Colourpop shadows this one also has that wonderful cool, moussey, silky feel. This is going to be a wonderful highlight shade.


Blaze- It’s an antique bronze.. It’s showing a little warm here this is the metallic shade. I can’t wait to get this on my lids! This color would be great for all. 


Cornelious- This is a matte terra cotta shade. She named after dog. How friggen cute is that! Cornelious is going to beautiful warm transition shade as well as all  over the lid, for a quick everyday look.


KathleenLights- Her self named  shade. Inspired by Amber Lights by MAC. This one is the dazzler of the bunch. You can see that it’s orange. It’s reminds me of  the orange in a desert sunset. This color is a little out of my comfort zone and that excites me!


From top to Bottom: Glow , Cornelious, KathleenLights and Blaze.


If you are a lover of warm eye looks. GO GET THIS! These shadows feel so luxurious ffor $5 a piece.

GO HERE: Eyeshadows!

GO HERE: If you want to watch KathleenLights.

If you have these, let me know what you think.

Stay Awesome!



Ipsy Bag – March 2015

Hello My Fellow Goo Horders!

Okay.. I know we are all signing into Ipsy to find out our sneak previews for our April Bags right now…… but this is my March Bag!


This month’s bag is very Spring-y. The back is a happy blue and the from has this fun floral pattern. Very apt considering the theme this month is…..


Anyone else watch these amazing women on YouTube?


Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Illuminating Face Highlighter – This shade is a delicate pink with a tiny touch of pink. The texture is soft. I used it over a matte blush it looked great. It’s a little too dark for me to use strictly as a highlighter. I think it’ll be great in the summer when I have a tan (as a highlighter)! This is a sample size. On eBay for $6-10.


NYX Butter Lipstick– This shade is in Hunk. It did not photograph as PURPLE as it really is. It’s a fun color, not too pigmented. I will definitely go look at other shades. I love the feeling and there’s no scent. Price $6.00


Boo Boo Cover-Up – I got this is Medium. I used this under my eyes. I’m a picky person when it comes to concealer. Everything creases on me. I’ve been using this since I’ve received it. Doesn’t crease as badly as other concealers. The color is natural. Price $10

What they say:

Have a Boo-Boo on the Go? Skip the bandage and the shiny ointment. Look your best even while you heal with Baby Boo-Boo Cover-Up for the Face and Body. Our innovative formula offers great coverage for skin imperfections while containing ingredients known in nature to promote healing.Contains aloe, chamomile, green tea, tea tree oil and vitamin E.


Dr. Brandt Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion –  First, this is very sad. I just read on the Interwebs that Dr. Brandt has committed suicide. Ipsy introduced me to his products which I love. I hope he is a peace. Let’s talk out this primer. I like it with regular foundation. With my BB cream though it pilled. It does mattify, which I always like. It does have a strongish scent when applied, it does fade quickly. This makes skin feel soft. The full size price is $60.00. If my math is right this sample would be about $21.00.

Hre’s what the site says:

“An apple a day keeps the lines away.” This lightweight lotion formulated with apple stem cells to help delay the natural signs of aging by maintaining the longevity and activity of stem cells in the skin. Simultaneously, retinol stimulates new cell turnover and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Brandt’s multi-tasking formula provides the best of both worlds, delivering anti-aging and pore minimizing/mattifying benefits.

  • oil-free
  • helps delay the natural signs of aging by maintaining the longevity & activity of stem cells in the skin
  • stimulates new cell turnover, improving the appearance of lines & wrinkle
  • increases water reserves, limits water loss & improves lipid barrier function to balance moisture levels


Pur-lisse Pur-Delicate 4-in-1 Cleanser – Uggghh!! I wanted to love this. The first time I used this, I was having an allergic reaction for another product. I thought it was going to be very gentle. My face burned after washing. It was very drying, too. I will try it again soon, now that my face has calmed down. I know my friend who received it really likes it. Sample price approximately $6.

Here’s what they say:

Appreciate your skin, don’t irritate it. Cleanse away the day with this gentle, non~irritating blend of Soy Milk, Soy Proteins, Whole Oat and White Tea. A mild soap~free, non~foaming cleanser that respects the delicate nature of your skin. Leaves your face touchable and silky soft, without a trace of impurity.


Here are the swatches! The lipstick is more purple. The concealer is pretty spot on.

Yay! This was a gooood bag! I’ve gotten to try products that I’ve been wanting to.

You know the drill. If you want to get a bag subscription… CLICK HERE.

Yes, it’s a point gathering link. It helps me get new products to review here. 🙂

Stay Awesome!