August Favorites!

Hello My Fellow Goo Lovers!

Is it really the end of August!? This year seems to be speeding along at a furious pace.

As the kids are saying, “I just can’t even!”

It is the end of August and I have a few of my favorites to share with y’all.

                              IMG_4047              IMG_4046

Let’s start with nails, shall we?

This color!! I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. I like fun colors, but greens don’t really suit me. The company is Mundial Impala and the color is Beleza Natural. I took a few coats to become opaque. The color reminds me of a this Fiat, but a tad darker. It’s like deeper Fall version of all the pastel blues and greens that have been so on trend this year. I’ve had it on for about 4 days over uv gel polish and no chips. That’s my favorite way to wear traditional polish.. over gel. If I don’t polish will chip in hours. Over gel, it can last longer than a week. I have several other colors from this brand and I really like them.

This top coat!! It’s from Abolute!, which is a Nicka K company. I found it at TJMaxx for for $3. It’s bloodly brilliant. It works. It’s shiny. What else can I say? It seems dries your polish completely in mere minutes!

                             IMG_4044              IMG_4045

The last day of Cosmoprof I picked up a random bag from this company. I have never heard of them, I think they are Russian (not sure). I’m in love with this mattifying powder. It’s called Matt Creation Shine Control from Verona’s Butterfly Collection. I’m simply in lurve with this stuff (but I repeat myself!). I use a huge fluffy brush after I’ve finished with my makeup and I’m shine free with NO powdery or cakey finish…. for HOURS! Even without makeup it helps to seemingly make your skin better looking. You don’t need a lot either. I haven’t read this blurb until now and YES! 

Here’s what it says on the site: 

“An innovative mattifying powder with Soft-Focus effect, which leaves the skin velvety smooth for many hours. Light texture gives a natural make-up effect that adapts to the skin color. The powder conceals imperfections, giving your face a healthy and beautiful look. Practical packaging with a mirror is from now on an irreplaceable item in your purse.”



I needed a heavy duty toner. Enter in Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Toner. I’ll confess, I’ve only began even thinking about removing my make-up before going to bed. Genetics have smiled upon me, I have decent skin. It’s making up for my teenage years. I like this one. It took a bit for my skin to adjust to it, though. It’s strong and I only use it a couple times a week. I’ve used several different products from them. The Rosewater Facial Spray makes me happy happy. IT’S ROSES!



Even though it’s Summer here on The Left Coast my skin has been strangely dry. Not ABQ dry, but dry nonetheless. H2O Plus’s Hand and Nail Cream has been my favorite for almost 12 years. I picked this one up at Marshall’s for $6. I just checked the site and there seems to have been a packaging change. I really hope that it’s the same stuff. It’s different than most lotions. It feeeeeels goooooood. It’s hard to explain it just doesn’t feel like everything out there. Never greasy, absorbs almost immediately. I can use it and with in a minute use my iPhone. This thing lives on my night stand and I use it all over. And the smell is clean. It also comes it unscented.



Last but not least my Bargains of the Month! Chi Shine Infusion Spray and a pair of Calvin Klein socks. The shine spray was $5 and is just what I was looking for. I’m pretty sure I saw it in a Nicole Guerriero video. Go watch her, she FANTASTIC!  I’ve got ombre bleached and colored hair…. this stuff does wonders. And the socks were 70 cents.. and they’re ROSES!

There you go, folks! What have been some of your favorite things this month?



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