My favorite perfumes and a Travalo Giveaway!

Before I was allowed to wear makeup, as a teenage, I could wear perfume.


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Taylor of London was my first perfume-y love. I found it at the age of 15 at Walt Disney World Epcot in a little shop in the England Pavilion. One of the cleanest, happiest, non-cloying floral perfumes, ever. My mom and I would still wear it today if we could get our sneaky little hands on it. For awhile, I could find the soap and powder at TJMaxx. I have a sad feeling that it’s been discontinued. If any of you EVER find it in TJMaxx or elsewhere, I will give you cold hard cash.




At 17, my French foreign exchange student, Helen, handed me a sample of this. In her perfect French accent, she said, “You should wear this.” She was right.  Crisp, clean, green and maybe a little too grown-up for me at the time.. but I didn’t care. Luckily, it was another perfume that smelled great on my mom. Recently, I got another sample. Scent is a strange thing. As I spritzed it in the air, I was 17 again and living in Central NY with a whole life ahead of me. I feel almost invincible when I wear this… the armor of youth, I suppose.




From 20 until 36, I couldn’t find a signature scent. I dabbled in Body Shop’s White Musk, Rose oil and Ralph Lauren’s Romance. Nothing stuck… Until, my 36th birthday. Stella by Stella McCartney walked into my life. I love her. I will wear this scent until it no longer is on the market… and then I will horde it. It reminds me of a rose garden after a rain shower…. with the sun gently warming it. I have one friend, that hugs me and says, “Oh… you smell wonderful, like you!” That’s all I need, it’s a winner.




So, present day. I still wear Stella… but a girl need variety. I got a bunch of samples from Sephora a bit ago. They were having buy perfume, we’ll send you samples.. deal. I bought some Stella (of course, right?). In the sample pack was Givenchy’s Dahlia Noir EDT. I loved it. A little dark, mysterious, yet approachable. Not quite a summer scent, but I figured Fall and Winter are around the corner. Off to eBay I went. A few days ago, I received the above bottle. It’s Dahlia Noir L’Eau. Not the original Dahlia Noir EDT. Hunh, the top notes remind me of Windex, but as it mellows it’s slightly addicting. Warm, yet clean (Are you sensing a ‘clean’ them, yet?).. not as mysterious as the original. That’s totally fine, neither am I. I’m hoping I can get passed the Windex phase.


This brings me to the GIVEAWAY! *Jazz Hands* That’s right, I have something for y’all. While at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, I met the wonderful ladies at Travalo. I have wanted one of this things for EVAH! If you don’t know what it is.. it’s a refillable perfume atomizer. It fills up like a butane lighter.

Here’s what the site says, “Travalo is the tough, leak-proof, aircraft approved mini perfume bottle. Just pump to fill, and Travalo refills in seconds. Smell great wherever you go… never Travalo without it!”

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Click Here for ALL the INFO: Travalo’s Website

You are probably saying to yourself, “Clare, what do I have to do to get that wonderful thing?”  I want a picture of you with twine. (Don’t you love The Bloggess?) As awesome as a picture of you with twine, a spatula or collating papers would be, I need *your help*. I’m a newbie here in the Blog-o-sphere, a virtual unknown. (See what I did there? Virtual… Haaaa!) Ok, back to want I would like from you. Reblog this, Share it on FB… give me a shout out there on the InterWebs. After you’ve done that, come back here and tell me your favorite perfumes… and (maybe) why you love them so! I will put all of your names in a top hat (we’re classy around here!) and pull ONE name… and you WIN!

Best of Luck and Cheers,


PS. This giveaway ends Sunday at Midnight PST.

15 thoughts on “My favorite perfumes and a Travalo Giveaway!

  1. Karen Smith says:

    I have always worn Obsession by Calvin Kline…I think one day when I’m gone my kids will smell this and remember Mom


  2. I love this vanilla grapefruit scent I get at sephora. I have dior for the evening and clinique happy heart for more day formal occasions. I love fragrances. My all time fave is a pumpkin pie spice oil I get from faire. I need more, too!


  3. Kate says:

    my grandmother used to wear a specific scent, and I never knew what it was. then one day walk in through the mall I walked by a perfume counter and I was hit by all these memories of grandma. cant remember the name of it but I know it by scent.

    I don’t wear perfume so much, more oils, rod and lavender and spearamint.


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