Ipsy Bag – July 2014

While I was in Vegas for Cosmoprof NA, my July Ipsy bag arrived.

The pink bubble wrap bag always makes my happy.

Let’s get this unvieling party started!


Ispy always has these cards in our bag. Letting us Ipsters know what’s in our bag and what specials we can partake in.



This month’s bag is a bright pink. It’s square and has a scalloped edge. I love it! I’m a totally sucker for pink things.




First item I pulled out, Hang Ten’s Dark Tanning oil. It does have an SPF of 8 and smells like Summer. It feels really soft on the skin. Looking forward to Saturday Float Day (which is most Saturdays in my backyard) to slather this puppy on. The fact that it’s water resistant for up to 40 minutes is a good thing.





Second item is L’avilin BioBalance Jojoba Skin Soother Gel Cream. On the back of the tube it states, “Hydrates skin following intense physical activity.” Say what?? I’m supposed to moisturize after physical activity?? Hrmmm.. I don’t get it. It feels and smells like a lotion. I know it’s supposed to be something swell and anti-aging, but meh. That’s about it for me….





Third item is Benefit’s They’re Real. Most of us Goohorders know this one! I think, I first tried this in a Sephora Birthday Gift. As a mascara lover, it’s a staple. It’s awesome. The big fat brush with tiny, wide spaced bristles really does the job with giving you awesome lashes.






Fourth is Tint & Sass from Elizabeth Mott. I’m a fan of lip stains. I’ve tried several. Benefit’s Benetint has been my favorite for awhile now. I think I might like this one a bit more. It smells like Cherry Popsicle that swallowed an itty bit of cough syrup. This stain is thicker than Benetint. And the large doe foot applicator ROCKS!! Also, the bottle has a regulator in it! NO stained fingers, NO spilling. (Yes, I turned it upside down, just for you!) We got a full size one. Retail is $22.99!




Final item, bareMinerals 5in1 BB Advanced  Performance Cream Eyeshadow. This one brought me back to one of my first makeup experiences. My mom had given me a cream eyeshadow in a light brown. I felt so grown up wearing that shadow. This 5in1 sample  is the next generation. It has benefits added into a long wearing formula. This shade I received is Divine Wine. It’s a cool leaning taupe (on me), a good mousey brown. I tested this on my hand and a few hours later when I washed my hands, it survived for the most part. I can’t wait to try this one out.


Here are the swatches. I really love these two. Finally thoughts? It was a good month. 4/5 stars. The lotion just didn’t float my boat, it’s going in my ‘Enh Bag’. Someone will love it!

So fellow Ipsters, what did you get? What did you think of your items?

I’ve been an Ipster for almost a year. I’ve never really been disappointed in a bag. I love trying new things and the bags themselves are great. Perfect for purse organization. I give my extra makeup to family and friends in them. It’s awesome for $10 a month.

If you would like to become a subscriber, please use my link. It helps me out by giving me points.





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