The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Review and Love Note.

Hello My Fellow Goo Horders!

If you have watched any Beauty Ninja videos on YouTube, you’ve most likely seen Jaclyn Hill. She currently has 1,977,242 subscribers!

When she announced that her sold out palette from Morphe Brushes was coming back one more time… I set myself a reminder on my phone and waited… and waited. The day came, I ordered. VICTORY! Then I waited and waited… and then it arrived in my mailbox like Christmas! VICTORY!


Theres’s a reason why I get very excited for YouTuber collabs. It’s not much, but I get to give back to them. They have no idea what they have given me.

Story Time.

Several years ago, I was very sick and in an incredible amount of pain. I ended up in the ER seven times and hospitalized overnight once. Each time, It seemed I went home with a slightly different diagnosis. I had enough prescriptions to kill a goat. And was in a medically induced haze. After about a year and a half of the worst of it, my mom, a friend and The Boyfriend decided that it was time to have a little detox. It was probably the worst few weeks, ever. When, I came out of the fog and started to feel better, I looked my worse. This is when I turned to YouTube makeup videos. I loved watching the process to before to after. I started to strategically put on makeup to help me feeling even better. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT! Until one day, it all just balanced out.

One of those YouTubers that I’ve watched since coming out of the fog has been Jaclyn. She helped me transition (along with my family and friends, of course!) back into feel better about the outside. Which in turn helped with everything else.

I know she will probably never see this, but… Thank You, Jaclyn! Your tutorials videos go far beyond teaching folks to blend eyeshadows.

Now that I’ve given you some back story. Let’s dive into these shadows.

Seriously? These shadows frackin’ ROCK! Morphe Brushes is no joke. Whatever they do they do with gusto. Yes, GUSTO!

Their texture is like silk. Smooth. Buttery. Pigmented. Creamy. Luxurious. Everything you want in a shadow. Individually these shadows are $2. You read that right, $2!! (I want my $2!) This palette was about $28 for 28 shadows. Yes, I said was. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore. Don’t fret, though! You can still get every single one of these shadows and a palette from Morphe. Just use the guide of the photo below.


I very excited that she included a variety of neutral browns, oranges, purples, cranberries and even a green.

Let’s do some swatches! I’m going from top row to the bottom, left to right.

First Row:

FullSizeRender-1Second Row:


Third Row:


Fourth Row:


Srsly! It’s such a lovely palette. There’s so much you can do with this. Everything from simple everyday looks to Gurl, Let’s Hit the Town! Great for extended trips, just bring along the Naked Basic or The W7 In the Mood Palette (Hunh, funny I should mention the W7 palette, I might just have a blog about it coming soon!) You’ll need a matte cream and black to subsidize with.

There go you. A palette of great shadows from a great YouTuber/MUA and a story.

Thanks for listening!

Stay Awesome!