Ipsy Bag – November 2014

Hello Y’all!

Can you believe that it’s almost the end of the year? I remember when I restarted this blog in July, which seems like yesterday!


This month’s Ipsy Bag’s theme is “Girl meets Glitter”. Fun and Festive.

IMG_5355            IMG_5354

When I first say the bag, I thought it was going to have a glitter texture. Not at all, it reminds me of banana bike seats of the 1970’s. Awwww Yeahh..


Elizabeth Mott’s You’re So Fine Liquid Eyeliner – I got this in the black glittery shade, Glitterati. It’s supposed to be a micro fine brush. I don’t find mine to be. The formula though is pretty darn smooth for having glitter in it. The silver flecks are very fun and flirty. The formula is very durable and rather waterproof, I had to really rub the swatch off with soap in the shower. Full Size $17.99


Temptu Pink Pearl Highlighter – This item is meant to be used with the Temptu Airbrush Machine. Fancy! The color is very sweet. Pinky and pearly just like the name. It’s a subtle highlighter, blends very well into the skin.. a little too well. It probably works much better with the machine. I’m looking forward to adding a couple drops into my foundation to see if it gives that lit from within look. Sample Size $2.75


J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint – Okay, I can say this now!!! I knew that we were all going to get this product back in July. When I was as CosmprofNA, I chatted with this fun company! I have another shade from that massive haul that I need to try. This shade from *this* bag?! Awesome. Mine is Red Potion. On me it’s a great red wine color. Just a lovely semi-transparent, but pigmented, kinda slippery vampy shade. It’s bit staining, too. After it wears off it looks like you just ate ALL the berries! Makes your teeth look white, too! I’m a fan. Full Size $4.99


Be A Bombshell Eye Base – Y’all know how I feel about this company! They are Da Bomb and they keep coming about with beautiful products that work! I received the shade Submissive. First the jar. It reminds me of quality old makeup packaging. It’s glass dip pot. I totally dig it. The color is bronzy tan. It’s smooth, yet has that perfect tacky finish for a base. I’ve used this a couple times for some wear ALL the eyeshadow looks and it kept everything in place and pretty much crease free for many hours. Full Size $14.99


Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray-  Ohhhhh! I like this. I have a couple cans of Ma Hair is Going to Survive Any Wind Storm Super Hold. I was happy to see this. It’s a softer medium hold spray that smells like berries. It’s fresh and a little sweet. It smells happy. It leaves your hair shiny, too. I like it! Travel Size $2.99


Here are all the swatches. Not a bad bad at all! Good Job, Ipsy! By the way Happy Birthday to you, Ipsy!!

So, Grand Total of this bag is *drumrool, please* is $43.71.  Sweet!

Be a Bombshell Review.

Hello Y’all!

By now you have figured out that I attended Cosmoprof North America 2014. Since The Boyfriend works 10-12 hour days and vacation is barely in his vocabulary…. he sets me loose at Trade Shows. A few weekends a year in Vegas (once in San Francisco and once in the Bahamas) and I get to sample all the new make-up and goo… Done!!

This year like last, I grabbed Mani Pedi Diva. We hopped into my trusty Coleoptera Car (Beetle) and sped through the desert to Vegas! Our first day while doing Recon, we found the Be a Bombshell booth. Immediately, we fell in lurve with them. I would totally add them to my Christmas Card List… (if I could actually get my Christmas Cards out. Shhhh!) After a bit, we decided they probably should talk to other people, we parted ways. As the final day was coming to a close, we swung by just to say goodbye. Much to our surprise they handed us a bag of swag. HEAVEN!! I might have squee’d a little.

Without further ado….. Let’s start this Bombshell party!




Just look at this color! This is Starstruck. The photo is reading more fuschia/magenta-y, it’s not at all… it’s a *true royal purple*. Creamy and blendable. I’ve only swatched this shadow, but it may bring me to the dark side of color. I’m pretty much a neutral/darks kinda girl. This color is royally awesome! With 24 colors you’ll definitely find some that you’ll love.



While standing at the booth and looking at all the shadows they had displayed…. I started having a little love affair with the green shade, Tease in this quad. I even took a picture of it so I could purchase it when I got home. Little did I know that my eyeshadow dreams were answered right here in the quad. This one is New York City and contains: All Nighter, Tease, Halo, and Dancing Queen. When I wear these shades my light blue eyes shift ever so green.  I already own one of their other quads Bora Bora and it’s brilliant, too. There are 4 total quads available.




Next fantastic item is their lip gloss in Sangria. Feels wonderful and not sticky at all! Again, the photo is reading too pinky. This is a mauve-y shimmery shade. On me it’s very YLBB (Your Lips But Better) with a little sparkle. This lip gloss reminds me a Chanel Levres Scintillantes one I had years ago that I loved. I lost it moving and can’t remember the name to save my life. Now, I have Sangria to fill it’s place. Srsly, I love the texture and shine of this gloss. Check out the other 17 colors (and there’s a clear one)!


IMG_3950       IMG_3952

I take my eyeliner seriously. It sounds completely vain. I just love me some eyeliner.  Someday, I take a picture of all my eyeliners and y’all will understand my terrible problem. Pencil, felt tip, cake, liquid, gel… I have them all. It takes something special for me to get excited. And this liner gets me excited. This felt tip in Onyx, it’s black, noooo it’s BLACK! (I’ve been known to layer different eyeliners to get the effect I want… 3 is my tops.) Once it dries, there’s no smudgin’ or budgin’ until you take it off. You can draw a thin line, thick line and anything in between. It comes it 5 different colors. It’s the Bomb(shell)!


Finally we have a blush. This shade is Sweet Cheeks. The texture is smooooooth and pigmented. It’s really a sweet pink with a little touch of coral. I’ve used this by itself and I have dust this shade over whatever blush I’ve used and it glows. I’m sure that you’ll find your favorite in one of the 12 shades that they have.




Here are the swatches. For some reason my camera was reading things a bit pink today.

If you have Be a Bombshell on Twitter/FB you might have seen this:

 This is the last week to receive 5 of our best selling items FREE with purchase of $75 or more. Don’t miss out!

Go check out Be a Bombshell! Not only are they great folks, they have wonderful products. I hope run into them next year in Vegas. 🙂