Update and iGrows



It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down at my computer and gathered my goohording thoughts. The Holidays seemed to have flown by and I haven’t posted. I’m a baaad little beauty blogger. Don’t hate me, okay?

Good things? I’ve seen some of The Boyfriend’s family. I’ve seen my parents. I’ve hung out with some of my dearests, Worked on re-orging the The Boyfriend’s closets of shirts and suits. Speaking of The Boyfriend……

I’m so freaking dang proud of the company he works for. They are kicking boo-tay and taking names. They manufacture/sell an FDA Approved hair regrowth device called The iGrow. Recently, they were on The Doctors. On Monday, The Boyfriend, himself will be on KTLA Morning News, here in Southern California.

Here’s the clip from The Doctors: CLICK ME!

They are coming out with a new device for skin: CLICK ME!

I’m a proud Girlfriend.

I’ve got some reviews and favorites blogs in the works, I promise!

Stay Awesome!


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