Let’s talk Hair: The Dessata

Hello My Fellow Goo Horders-

Not only do I lurve my some makeup goo and face goo, I lurve me hair tools.. too.

Y’know that feeling when you run a good brush or comb through your hair and it just glides..no pulling…no tugging…. you know what I’m talking’ about, right?!

At Cosmprof NA this year I found my newest brush love. There was a make your own beauty box there, I snagged one of these.

FullSizeRender 40

FullSizeRender 37

The Dessata.

It’s a detangling brush. You can use it on wet or dry hair. I find myself grabbing for this brush all the time. I’ve blow dried my hair with it. Used it straight out of the shower. I’ve used it to get an even coverage of hair dye, drawing the last of the color to the ends of my hair. Even use it to get all my hair covered when I use conditioning treatments. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I left it home when I went to Albuquerque. I constantly tried to reach for it. And it was sitting on the counter at home waiting for me.

One of my favorite times to use it? Those 2nd day hair days when your hair has been in a messy bun/ponytail for hours and hours…. You can set it on your scalp and smoosh it around… and give yourself a little head massage. Ohhhhhhh! Sweet cheeses.

FullSizeRender 42FullSizeRender 41

It’s completely made of plastic. I’ve put it through it’s paces. It’s bounced around bathrooms, bedrooms, suitcases and hotels. Simon The WonderCat likes to batt it off the desk, tables and the dresser. It has stood up to almost four months of abuse. I see it standing up to almost anything I can throw at it. The plastic is nonporous so hair dye doesn’t change the color. It fits nicely in the hand. They have oodles of colors and prints, too.

The Boyfriend even loves it. He steals it all the time.

And these folks don’t know me from Eve, but I love their product.

Stay Awesome,


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