Shrimp Sausage Sandwich – Banh Mi Coda/Coda Bakery

Yes, this entire post is about a sandwich.  Well, it’s more than that. It’s a little bit about how weird life can be, too.

Backstory. Growing up I had a pretty unusual name. I didn’t meet a lot of Clare’s. I never had a personalized pencil or pin. I didn’t meet my first Cla/ire until College. I took me years to love my name. Stranger even.. One of my dearest adult friends… She’s a Claire. (Yes, it’s confusing. We lived together for a couple years.)  A couple of years ago, my folks moved to Albuquerque (to be known as ABQ from here on out, for forever!) I walked into a store and lo and behold a Clare!! Spelled right and everything! This has never happened before. Of course,  we had to be friends. Thank goodness for Facebook.

You good? Got the history?!

This trip out to ABQ we (Clare of ABQ) met for lunch. We were going to go to a different restaurant, but they were closed. I think, Clare (not me) and the Universe knew I needed this sandwich. (You knew it would get back to the sandwich, right!?)

She ordered for me. Which I don’t mind as long as peeps know the parameters. No cilantro, mushrooms or raw tomatoes. She ordered and this simple, yet absolutely perfect sandwich showed up in front of me. 

So much so….. I had to bring my Mom to have it.

More Backstory. When I moved to California, my Mom and I had this amazing Shrimp Sausage on Sugar Cane thing. It was a crazy day of adventuring. And I’ve never been able to find the Westminster restaurant again. I’ve been craving that perfect bite for 20 years. 

A few days ago I shared the sandwich with my Mom, that Clare shared with me. Mom feels re same.

It’s simple, yet perfect….. but complicated all in one bite. I need to have my Mom try it… it could just be Clare and Clare that think this is awesome. Apparently, this is known to be a great sandwich, by more than just us.

Here, take a gander: 


Vietnamese cuisine is a very strange, yet wonderful balance of Asian and French. And I love it. The bread on this sandwich is crun-chewy… like the best breads should be. And all the other ingredients just work so well together like a well crafted piece of music. Symphonic.  There’s carrots, cucumbers (cilantro, if you want it) and I think diakon. The orange sauce is like crack. The main star this 11″ x 1/2″ delicate slab of shrimp and pork amalgam full of mouthwatering yum.

That my Mom! And the drink you need to have to wash down the star if this blog #9. Number 9, Number 9, Number 9.

The limeade. Just do it. Put these two in your mouth!

Here’s the rest of the menu:

This just added a another flavor for me of ABQ. Added to the list of green chile, ginger ale, my parent’s cooking, fresh eggs,  Joe’s Pasta House and Chardonnay on Ice. 

This where you can get this sandwich (and I’m sure other tasty bites):

Banh Mi Coda Bakery

230-C Louisiana Blvd SE / ABQ, NM 87108

If you are in ABQ. Go. Have a sandwich and a limeade. You’ll have a happy mouth.

Thank you, Clare. Next time lunch is on me!

*This blog brought to you by Iggy Azeala’s Walk the Line at 30,000 feet with a Fat Tire.*

Stay Awesome,


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