GenBeauty Stories!

Hello My Fellow Goo Horders!

I’m currently reporting from the great town of Albuquerque, NM! My folks moved here several years ago. I fell in love. It strangely balances me when LA/OC get to much for my East Coast small town upbringing.

Here’s a view from their backyard. Seriously!!!

Before, I landed in ABQ…. I went to LA. 

My bestie, Claire/Wrongish (go find her here on WordPress) and I are Ipsy subscribers! When GenBeauty came around again we decided not to miss the chance!

Friday night, I packed. I have no idea why local overnight trips stress me the F out!

Saturday morning, The Loving Boyfriend made coffee and shipped me off with a travel thermos. I picked up Claire. Backstory: We have the same first name, dark hair, blue eyes and  similar shape. Without knowing what our names are, people think we are related.

And then sometimes we share a brain.


We both wore freaking maroon/burgundy-ish tops!!! Not planned in the slightest.
We get to LA and register for GenBeauty. Seamless. At 10am we looked at the line. We are rather fair skinned and standing in the sun is not the best idea. We found a cocktail and a bagel with lox & schmear!


We arrived back at LA Live just in time to walk into the tent! Oh all that is Goo Holy! I’ve been to two Cosmoprofs in LA… That somewhat prepared me. The standing in line was  impressive, but not at all unfruitful! 
My first stop was to visit ma girls at Be A Bombshell. I truly lurve them. Just wonderful and fun peeps! It was so awesome to see them!  I hope goo Horders fall in love with their products, like I have.


As we made our way around the tent. We found China Glaze. They we featuring their Neon Nailies.  
Can you tell it got a little warm. I tend to revert back to a ponytail, almost without thinking.

I turned around at one point and saw one if my fave YouTubers! WhatWouldLizzyDo!!!! How amazing is she?! So gracious and funny and sweet!! And patient.


I just gotta stop with my fangirling. Dafug. You’d think I’ve never met a famous person.

I just get a wee bit cray. Makeup and YouTube has just made me a better/happier person. (I got into a bit  on my Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette post).
And then. AND Then. Topaz herself appeared. Maybe, just maybe it’s the East Coast Crazy Girl inside me that just relates so much to Nicole/YoungWildandPolished, but I just got my weirdo all over her. Can I ever just be a normal girl?? Just once? She did though refresh my perfume. Luckily, I think I redeemed myself a tiny bit in Sunday….. I don’t have a picture of us together. Total effing fail.

Claire and I headed over to Smashbox for a makeup refresh. It seemed to take a long time to get from the head of the line to a make up chair. We found out why……


I’m so sorry to Freaking Lustrelux for this vaguely obscene photo.  We got seated with Tuesday from Smashbox. Yes, Her Wonderfulness is named Tuesday! We chatted about a whole mess of things. She was so insanely cool.
And this is about when Saturday’s portion of the show was over. After, my trusty  Beetle had a not so trusty electrical problem……We had some dinner, cocktails and people watching at The Hotel Figueroa. Our waitress, Amber was the bombdiggity.

Then this happened:


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

With the whirlwind that was Saturday, we powered up. And they spelled my name wrong. You think that I would be over it.

We were pretty lucky we were successful in our line standing the day before. With “bingo cards” in hand we went once more into the brink!!!


A couple companies took the actual perforated square, some just X it out. Claire and I might have yelled, “BINGO” a few times. I think we were the only ways playing.


Towards the end of the day, I spotted Nicole/YWP. This was my chance to try not to be an effing space effing case. I think I succeeded. Occasionally, I swear, my ADHD saves it’s self up to just embarrass me. 

Let me ‘splain…No, there is too much. Let me sum up. We came, we saw, we conquered.

I have some awesome products to review. I saw some people that I have wanted to meet. People even recognized my little blog!!! I spent quality time with one of my BFFs. 

Total WIN! 

FTW GenBeauty!!

Next year in LA.

Cheer and Stay Awesome,


PS. While in Albuquerque, I’ll be posting from my little iPhone 5s. To think I’ll be editing small mistakes is as giggle inducing as bloopers on a YouTube video.


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