Bandar Crisped Vegetable Harvest Vegetable Snack Review

Hello All Y’all!

To say that I’m a fan of Bandar Food’s sauces is an understatement.

We have their sauce in our fridge at all times. We have our friends try them when they come over. Just like “It’s Maile” did to me.

Read the Sauce review: CLICK HERE

Recently, they contacted me to review their newest product. Of course, I said, “YES!!”

Let’s bring on the vegetable-y goodness.


Seriously, a snack of veggies? Sign me up!

Let’s look at the deets:



In the 75 gram bags you get 2.5 servings. (While taking photos I ate a whole bag!) There are carrots, pumpkin, okra, onion, purple sweet potatoes, green beans and sweet potatoes.


I was trying to figure out my favorite vegetable. I started saying in my head, “Oh, the carrots the best. Noooo, the green beans, noooo the sweet potatoes, but what about that okra!” They are full flavored, the texture is very crispy and crunchy with the perfect touch of saltiness. The okra surprised me so much, I’m not a huge fan of it.. okra tends to get slimy when you cook it. Whatever magic Bandar has, they make it delicious! I’d be happy munching on a whole bag of these okra!


When I received the box, one of my dearest friends, Laura was over. I wanted to get her thoughts, too. She stole all the okra out of the first bag.


Here are her thoughts:

One of my favorite aspects, Laura noticed it, too… They retain the shape, vibrancy and taste of the actual vegetable. “Eat the rainbow.” they say.
In closing, I’m still a fan of Bandar. They keep coming out with some great delicious products.
Go and show some love to Bandar. All their products can be found on their website. CLICK HERE! 
Stay Awesome and Eat Your Veggies!
**Products provided for review. All opinions are my own.**

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