February Favorites

Here’s a quick Favorites Blog.

Some products that I just so happy that I found.

Without further ado……..


Jesse’s Girl Eyeliner.  It’s not a felt tip. It’s a brush. I love this stuff. It’s black and precise. Long lasting. Smooth. Good for a beginner and more experienced peeps. You can easily vary the line thickness. I’ve heard this is a dupe for Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. The difference is about $12.00. This liner is about $7.00 and I’m sure you can find an online coupon. I bought mine online.

Website Blurb:

Our unique Japanese calligraphy-style brush allows for precise, super-fine application that lets you create lines as small as one millimeter thickness! Combined with a formula that dries super-quick for a smudge-proof application, our liquid eyeliner glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling.


e.l.f. Volumizing & Defining Mascara-  A wonderful everyday mascara. At first I didn’t love it, but after it dried out a wee bit…. it’s a totally different story.  As you can tell there’s no writing on the tube! It’s traveled with me a few times and has rubbed off. It’s not a clumpy, crumbly mascara, not is it so wet that it doesn’t seem to dry. You can have it look very natural and build it up for a more of a dramatic look. What will surprise you, is that it’s TWO DOLLARS (Better Off Dead, anyone?)!!! e.l.f. has sales going on a lot. Next time you get stuff, pick one of these up. I love e.lf.! I might have bought oodles during their President’s Day Sale. (Hrmmm, would you like to read a Haul Blog?)

Here’s what they say on their site:

This mascara creates voluptuous lashes that are full and defined. The vitamin B&E enriched formula conditions lashes, and the silicone brush effortlessly combs through lashes, coating them evenly for a rich finish.


Marc Anothny’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray.  Okay, I’m a Child of 90’s Mall Hair. I think the pictures from my high school yearbook are flammable. Seriously, HOLY HAIRSPRAY, BATMAN! For years, I’ve avoided hairspray, except for special occasions. A couple months ago, I received this in my Ipsy Bag. Gave it the ol’ college try. I loved it. Makes my hair SHINE! Don’t be fooled be it’s softness.. it holds. Helps with volume. If you love the CRUNCH, this is not for you. Oh.. the smell! Wrongish (here on WordPress!) and I had been trying to figure out the smell. The Boyfriend called it… PLUMS! So pretty. The big can is about $8.00, there still might be a coupon left on coupons.com for several dollars off.

Here’s what they say on their website:

The non-water based, fast drying formula creates volume and hold without stickiness or flaking and its flexible finish creates workable styles for easy re-styling without crunch or heavy build-up. It creates a luminous finish and shields against humidity for longer lasting styles. Sun Protectors keep the sun and other elements from damaging your full bodied mane. When you buy Argan Oil products for your hair you’re getting one of the best natural resources for healthy looking hair. What more could you want from a hairspray!


Honey. Yes, honey. Why honey? Blackheads. EWWWWW, right? Most of us have them. We all want them to go away. This is how I get mine to hit the road. Take a little on your fingers and start pouncing them on where you have them. Do this tacky pulling motion for 5-10 minutes over the sink while you are wearing an old short. You may have to do this a few time before they are all gone. It works. The honey that works most efficiently is the unprocessed stuff. The best I’ve used is from someone had their own hive.  (this honey is from New Mexico, it’s almost gone! *sadface*)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay Awesome!



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