Urban Decay Smoked Palette Review

I remember seeing this palette when it came out. I was at South Coast Plaza, walking through the cosmetics department in Macy’s. One shade in this palette caught my eye from 15 feet away. Mushroom. Yep, my taupe loving soul began lusting over this neutral shade. At the time, life was financially very tenuous. So, I swatched it on my hand and admired it for the rest of the evening. Life went on.

Last week, I got an email from Ulta. The Smoked Palette was on sale for $29 and a coupon for 20% for the whole order. I knew Mushroom and her friends had to be mine. I immediately put in in my cart. (I also picked up an Essence Lipstick. We’ll chat about that at a later date!) With shipping my order cam out to $34. That, I could live with. Originally, this palette was $49. The sample size Primer Potion and the Perversion 24/7 eyeliner are over $26. I bagged a deal. You can, too! Here’s the link to the Urban Decay site. It’s now on sale for $29 on their site! I’m sure if you look around  there’s a discount code somewhere on the interwebs.

Here’s everything in the palette:


You get:

10 eyeshadows – 4 matte and 7 shimmers

1 24/7 Glide-n Eye Pencil in Perversion

1 Sample Size Primer Potion in Original

1 Smoked Get the Look Book


Here’s a closer look at the shadows.

I really like them. They are creamy and the colors are beautiful. When the light hits the shimmer shades.. it dances. So pretty. (All swatches done sans primer. Of course, they will be more intense with said primer!)


Top Row:

Kinky: Matte cream color. Feels very buttery to me. I’ve heard that some think it chalky, but I haven’t had that experience. Would definitely work for a matte brow bone highlight.

Freestyle: Matte peachy shade. It barely shows up on me. Good all over base color.

MUSHROOM: (That’s right she deserves all caps, I love her.) Shimmery taupe. Beautiful lid color. One of my favorite shadows, already!

Backdoor: Matte neutral-ish dark brown. Great crease shade.

Blackout: Matte black. Really good pigmentation. When I went to clean off my arm with a makeup wipe, this one wanted to stay on.


Bottom Row:

All of these seem to have the same depth of color and pigmentation.

Barlust: Shimmery mid-tone warm brown

Rockstar: Shimmery Eggplant Purple

Evidence: Shimmery Indigo Blue

Loaded: Shimmery Dark Forest Green.


Those are the shadows. Also included is the Look Book, the Eyeliner and the Primer.

The Look Book contains 12 different looks that you can do.

The 24/7 Glide-n Eye Pencil in Perversion is very black and creamy. Once it sets it’s almost completely smudge proof. There’s a reason why these liners are a cult favorite.

The Eyeshadow Primer Potion is also a cult fave. Why? Cause it works! Bam.

There you go folks.. Go get this palette!!! Srsly, you may just kick yourself if you don’t. I have a feeling it’s not going to be around for much longer!

Stay Awesome, My Fellow GooHorders!



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