NYX Suede Palette Review

Hello Y’all!

First things first!  I’m the realest.

(Sorry, I’m such a fan of ‘I’m so Fancy’. It’s totally my Summer Jam!)

Okay… First things first… RENEE WON the last GIVEAWAY!!!  Congrats Lady. We’ll do lunch!

Second. I’ve been watching a lot of Haven and Supernatural. I have distinct urge to salt my windows and doors to keep out the demons. Also, I had this thought. What if you had the ability to actually know what was behind people’s social media post. Mostly the ‘OMG! My life is soooo awesome.’ -or-  the ‘oh so wise quotey’ posts. And you know they are really sitting somewhere boring as heck, bored outta their ever-loving minds or they’re sitting in the loo, would be worth a giggle or two. WHAT?? Like none of you have ever had a thought like this?!

Third on to Beauty Stuff!

The NYX Suede Shadow Palette

I have a drawer of eyeshadow palettes. They are like crack to me. I love them. So when this little guy popped out at me at Cosmoprof NA… (I’m pretty sure it made my Instagram) I was hooked. After waiting a month and not buying any eyeshadows, I pulled the trigger. I also found a code on the inter webs: WELCOME25 (for 25% of your order)


They have a really smooth texture and very blendable. In the pan they seem really shimmery. For me, once they hit the skin the the shimmer mellows out. I can see myself reaching for this palette often, especially as we go into Fall. Most of the colors are rather neutral, even that dark blue/green isn’t a pow pow kinda color. Not only do they blend well, they layer nicely, too. This would be a great work/office palette. Here’s a quick look I did:


I used the dark taupe, off white and the dark blue/green. (This picture was a quick selfie, no judgin’!) On the eyebrows, I used the new NYX Eyebrow Gel in Chocolate. Since, it was my first time using this, dos brow be bold! (Eyeliner Rich Experience by MAC : One by One Mascara by Maybelline)


I think the secret to using this stuff is… to use the least amount of product possible. Unless, you like the Total Bold as &*%# Brows look! This could is a dupe for Makeup Forever’s Eyebrow Gel. That I wouldn’t know, haven’t used it. $7 for NYX vs $20 for Makeup Forever.. Take yer pick.

They you go..

In the next few days…. I’ll have an Ipsy bag unveiling, an August Favorites List and a Be a Bombshell blog going up.



2 thoughts on “NYX Suede Palette Review

    • It’s waterproof! That’s the first big difference. With a brush and the gel you can get finer hairlike strokes. It’s also kinda like hair gel for eyebrows, they stay put. And me be smarty!!? 🙂


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