GIVEAWAY – J.Andre Sponges

I know I’ve been absent a bit from here. You want to know why?

I have the balance of a 90 year old woman.


So, there I was waiting for my Caturday Coffee. (It’s a thing in our house, The Boyfriend gets up and makes stovetop espresso on Saturday mornings. His coffee is better than mine. Don’t ask how, it just is.) Standing there minding my own business… our cat Simon, headbutts the back of my knee. As I was fighting the imminent fall, he comes background for the side swipe. It was all over.  I was just a flurry of flailing limbs and BOOM… I squarely fell on me arse. Usually, there’s enough padding back there (Thanks, Grandma!), but this time I fell “perfectly” to feel my spine “accordion”. It took a few days to get back to normal.


Yes, this guy. He thinks it’s totally okay to headbutt the backs of knees.

To add insult to injury a few days after this event, when I was feeling better… I picked up The Boyfriend’s wheelie briefcase and pulled a muscle. *wanh-wanh*

Yes, I’m *that* much of a klutz.

There you have it… it’s funny now.

Back to Beauty Stuff!!

While I was at Cosmoprof North America, I met the CEO and Director of Sales of J. Andre Sponges. Two really awesome women. They gave me some samples.

photo 1

Here’s a little info about these from their site:

“Every Sponge in both the Classic and Definition Collections naturally contain Vitamin E, are latex-free, and are Hypo-Allergenic. These healthy and skin-friendly properties allow the sponges to glide across your skin creating a flawless application with each and every use.

These durable sponges will never peel, flake or crumble.  They are baby soft and will not your skin of any of its essential elements.

All of your J. Andre Sponges are completely washable and reusable, and with proper care will be your best tool for years to come.”

photo 3

The other day, I whipped out the Sponge Applicator, the pointy oblong shaped one. I currently use a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (Which I love!) or my fingers. I’ve used different sponges and brushes. I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to new things. Let me tell you, these sponges are the fecking bomb-diggity. I definitely put it to the test (for me). I dampen, it grew like other cosmetic sponges. I then squeezed it out in a towel… dotted Elf’s Flawless Face Foundation all over my mug. This foundation is notoriously hard for me to blend out for some reason. It sits on my skin, never looking natural on me. This sponge made it look like my skin, but better. I even asked The Boyfriend what he thought (He spent years performing under stage lights and understands makeup.) he said that my skin looked great, even in broad daylight.  These sponges are super duper soft and a dream to bounce, bounce, bounce all around your face. I also noticed that it seems to *NOT* drink up my foundation. That makes me uber happy, I want more of it on my FACE than in the sponge. I can’t wait to try this with my Revlon Colorstay.

Next, I’m trying to guy out!

photo 2

We’ve come to the GIVEAWAY! Some lucky reader will be getting all of the triangle sponges and a powder puff (not pictured). Same rules as the last one: Share this blog, Like this blog, Tell people. Sharing is caring, folks! Come back here tell me your favorite foundation. GIVEAWAY will end Wednesday at Midnight PST.

Here are my Top 5 Foundations, in no particular order:

1. L’oreal True Match

2. CoverGirl True Blend

3. Bare Mineral Original

4. MAC’s Face and Body

5. Elf’s Flawless Face Foundation (NOW!)

To sum up…. These sponges are a WINNER and I’m so glad I got to try them out. The women I met at J.Andre were wonderful. I love it when it all works.



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