Merry Christmas.


I find it interesting how the feeling and meaning of this Holiday has changed… and hasn’t, as I have aged.

As a child, it was all cold noses, cookies and gifts. Like it should be. The Northeast lends the perfect backdrop for Christmas. Down right quaint. Sure I remember the gifts. Cameras, Clothes, Skis and Computers. I lived a fortunate little childhood.

What do I remember the most?

Watching Santa’s “travels” on the TV. The reindeer nibbled carrot, which actually was our sheep’s doing. The smell of the tree. Our dog Sack knowing which gifts belonged to him and fetching them for himself . Most of all, I remember my parent’s shining faces.  They would watch me in all my glory, tearing wrapping paper like a tazmanian devil.

It took a heck of a lot of doing, but they raised me right. I wasn’t the easiest child. I know that now and I am thankful. I may not be the adult they thought I would turn into, but they love me more than I even know. I’ve turn out to be a pretty decent adult.

As an adult, I still love all the trappings of Christmas…. the lights, the smells, the feast, the gifts.

What I do I love as an adult?

My parents shining faces.

And this blog is mostly for them to read, to keep up with random things in my life. Familial Connection is important. There aren’t too many people that can give me that swift reality kick that I occasionally need.

So Mom and Dad, I hope you like this little gift. It’s not fancy. It doesn’t have any monetary value. It prolly won’t be too interesting to anyone on the outside, but it’ll be a place where I can tell you about my weird observances, outings with Jonathon & friends and Simon the Wonder Cat.

Merry Christmas.

I love you.

One thought on “Merry Christmas.

  1. Mom says:

    Thirty seven years ago today at this moment I was waiting for you and scared.

    Would you be healthy? Would you be a girl or a boy? Who would you look like? How would I know how to change a diaper, let alone raise another human being to adulthood?

    I don’t know how the time flew by so fast, I wish I could have a lot of it back, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I love you. Happy Birthday, my Beautiful Daughter.



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