Colour Pop Review

Alright Fellow Goo Lovers!

I’m sure a lot of you have heard and seen the Colour Pop Eyeshadows and Lippie Stix all over the Interwebs.


I love these products.

These eyeshadows have a wonderful cool, sponge-mousey feeling. The pigment is amazing. They are long lasting. The color selection is plentiful. There are several finishes…. Metallic, Pearlized, Pressed Pigments, Satin, Tie-Dye, Ultra-Metallic and Matte.

Lippie Stix are also pigmented. There are so many colors! They come in 4 finishes comes in Pearlized, Glossy Satin and Matte. The texture is wonderful. Pretty long lasting.

I bet you want to see swatches about now, right? Okay then, bring on ALL the photos!! (Seriously, there’s a lot!)




I ❤ This… No seriously, that’s the name. I do ❤ this it’s a neutral, shimmery medium champagne


Truth… a satin peachy shadow. It’s a good base color.


Meow… This is one of their Tie-Dyes shadows. It’s sparkly. When all the colors are swirled together it’s a lavender steel color. All most like a cool taupey color.


3… This a multicolored glittery bronze shade. So pretty.


Hammered… The glittery reflex is gold the base is olive.


Kringle…A silver blue grey… Seems slightly green at times. (This one almost matches my eye color.)


Rex….. This is one of those you have to see it to believe it. It’s a black base with purple and blue reflex glitter. GAH! I wore this for a cocktail party. Such Dark Happiness!! It’s also, very pretty over black liner.


Took this in indirect light. Look at these! All done with the single swipe. One dip and swoosh on to my arm. These are incredibly smooth feeling even the highly sparkly ones. For the most pigmentation use your finger. For a wash of color use a brush. They are buildable.


This one is in direct lighting. It’s party on my arm!

IMG_0202I took a makeup wipe to remove the swatches right after the photos. Now that’s some awesomely awesome staying power!

Let’s look at The Lippie Stix and a Lippie Pencil.


The one on the left is Trixie. She’s a bright pink with a whisper of coral.

On the right, I ❤ This. Yes, there’s a Lippie Stix with the same name as one of their eyeshadows. I like to wear this with the eyeshadow. Such a pretty combo. This one is a bright pinky red! It’s the one I’m wearing in my current Instagram Profile Picture.


Next we have L to R. Lumiere and Bichette and Lumiere Pencil. I follow Kathleen Lights on You Tube and Lumiere is her collaboration with ColourPop. (I can’t wait for here eyeshadow colab.) It’s such a pretty everyday dusty pinky mauve. I’ve gotten compliments wearing this one.

Now for Bichette, It’s a perfect wine lipstick. Not quite vampy, classically old Hollywood wine. It’s BOLD. (At least for me.) And lovely!

IMG_0203Top to bottom: Lumiere Lippie Pencil and Lippie Stix, Trixie, I ❤ This and Bichette. (Colors are showing rather bright,)

The amazing thing is that these are $5 a piece. Say what? Yes.

Colour Pop is currently launching their blush line. They are going to be $8 a piece. To say that I want some.. is a an understatement.. I think I might need. Love me some blush. I hope they come out with some contouring products.

You know I like a company that has great products… I love a company that are filled with some kick-arse people.. I haven’t met them, but I do follow them on a couple social media sites.. and they send these handwritten cards with each order.


Go find them: HERE!



**DISCLAIMER: All products bought by me.**

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