Ipsy Bag – October 2014

I know what you are all saying, “Clare, you know it’s November, right?”

Yesssssss, I do. I’ve spent a few days of seeing friends, eating Thai food on the couch watching Hotel Hell (Srsly, Gordon Ramsay takes his clothes off in every episode!) and cleaning up my little misfit bungalow.

Better late than never, right?


So here we go…… :bang zoom:

This months bag is supah adorable! It’s teal and quilted. It has the circle thumb pull, which I so prefer. I love it!

IMG_4908               IMG_4910

Now for as overview shot.. Here’s the entire bag contents.


Minus the postcard inserts. Mine are somewhere?? 🙂


First Item- Starlooks Lipgloss in Guilty Pleasure. It’s a pinky browny nude. I like the color just not on me. This shade just doesn’t work on me. It smells like buttercream frosting with none of that plastic vanilla smell! Feels great on, too! Full Size is $12


Second Item- Nicole by OPI in Feeling Very Cherry. I’ve tried to find this on the Nicole by OPI website with no luck. Nonetheless, I LOVE IT! These vampy, sanguine fall polishes make me happy! So glad I got this shade. It applies smoothly. I used mine with a quick dry top coat at 8:30pm and was able to hit the sheets somewhere about an hour later with no marks. It did chip the next day, but that’s just the way regular polishes are on me. I’ll be trying this over gel this week. Average price $7


Third Item – Model Co. Volumeyes Mascara – (The link is for the Extreme Black.) I like this mascara. Works well with falsies. Very Black. And dare I say, :looks over shoulders: I like it better than UD’s Perversion. :A thousand gasps from the Goo Horders around the world: UD’s makes my eyes a little itchy, it’s not a smooth formula and makes my lashes the bad kinda spidery. I’ll keep trying it though. Model Co Volumeyes doesn’t do any of the above. So there. I might be burned at the stake for being the only one to go against the UD Perversion hype. (Send me macarons in Beauty Jail, please?) This is a $20 item.


Fourth Item – Epice Purifying Exfoliant. I think the Ipsy Team is watching me. Srsly, I’m a sucker for exfoliators, especially these superfine ones. I love the feeling of sandblasted, polished skin. I got the dr. brandt one a couple months ago and love it, too. Ipsy knows their audience, don’t they? The Epice on smells clean and does the job. It’s on the pricey side though.  For 3.3 oz it’s $32. So, this 1oz tube is basically $10!


Fifth Item- Fig & Rouge Hand Cream in Rose Berry. If you read my August Favorites you know I have my HG hand cream. I’ve been using it for a decade. With that said, I don’t like hand creams/lotions. Only, The H2OPlus one. This will be going into the Friend’s Grab Bag. It’s okay. The smell to me is way too sweet and doesn’t dissipate. Personally, I don’t like my hands to smell like anything thing, but clean. A positive is that the packaging is ka-yoot! This tube is about $6.95.

Overall, I like this bag. There was only one total miss for me, the hand cream. The gloss, I can probably make work over a darker lipstick.

Let’s get a bag total: $44 (rounding up and that’s w/o the gloss) Not freaking bad, folks! Srsly for only $10.

If you want to join in on the Ipsy fun….  please use this link! I appreciate the points.

Stay Awesome.



5 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag – October 2014

      • Miz Lulu says:

        I still haven’t tried the bb cream! <– for my hair ?! i know! i need to use it, i like saving them for some reason i always think i'll find a time and a place but the time is now and the place is here 😛 so i'm doing that tonight and i'll let you know tomorrow 😀 ❤


      • Miz Lulu says:

        Hehehe right, fancy soap though ❤ Mmm. I didn't end up trying it out last night because i was reading it and it's for styling my hair so i need to shower and throw it in there.. which NOW i'm doing haha so i'll report back later today x

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